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In 1998 a partnership was formed between Susan Bost and Annie Louise & Isaiah Perkinson to provide a place to purchase fresh, local, organic foods and natural products.  The origin of Trout Lily Market was rooted in their vision to promote a healthy lifestyle for their neighbors and themselves in the small town of Fairview, NC.


After the establishment of Trout Lily Market within the community, Annie Louise shifted her focus to grow Flying Cloud Farm.  They now provide vegetables, fruits and flowers to the local community of Fairview and Asheville using sustainable, earth-friendly methods.

In June 2018, Laura Telford took the reins with the intent of nurturing the legacy Susan created. Laura bought Round Earth Roasters (formerly Biltmore Coffee Roasters) in 2008, roasting “relationship” coffee, baking fresh pastries in house and creating most items from scratch with local and organic ingredients.


Trout Lily provided the ability to expand that vision; bringing pastries and coffee to Fairview as well and bringing Trout Lily sandwiches, grab n go snacks and local artisan items to the Hendersonville Rd. location.

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Susan took over ownership and management of Trout Lily Market.  She has a long history of sourcing over 70% of her food for her family from her garden and pasture, and has been promoting local and sustainable foods long before the “SLOW FOODS” movement began.


What started as a one day a week food co-op has blossomed into a small, full-service market specializing in fresh, local and organic products.  While Trout Lily has chosen to stay small, it offers the community convenient access to a wide variety of the highest quality grocery and wellness products.

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